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Blxst on A.I. in Music, Partnering with Red Bull Records, Blockchain’s Impact on Music, & Publishing

In this episode, we sat down with musical super talent Blxst, and his business partners Victor Burnett, and Karl Fowlkes. source

Top A.I. Apps to Grow Your Business

In this clip we discuss some of the top A.I. apps and website leading the market right now and where you can get them. #earnyourleisure #ai source

The NFL Scouting Combine Is Designed To Devalue Players’ Draft Stocks

In this clip we discuss the NFL Scouting Combine and what these athletes truly have to go through just to get a NFL contract. #earnyourleisure #nfl #combine source

How to Start an Eight-Figure Healthcare Company Without Being a Doctor

In this episode, we sat down with Clifford Knights II and Steve Vixamar, CoFounders of IMG Health Clinic, a mobile black-owned healthcare company that’s dedicated...

The Most Important Technology Ever

In this clip we discuss the future of A.I. and the idea of creating something that is smarter than you and how will this change the world #earnyourleisure #ai #chatgpt...

The Licenses You Need To Operate A Healthcare Company

In this clip we discuss how to operate a Healthcare Company and to have the correct license needed for your area. #earnyourleisure #healthcare #licences source

How Terrica Lynn Smith Makes $250,000 A Month Passive Owning Real Estate | Rants & Gems #88

In this episode Matthew Garland sits down with Terrica Lynn Smith to speak about how she is able to make $250,000 a month passive owning real estate. Terrica has figured...

If China Attacks Taiwan, it Could Lead to The Fall of America

In this clip we discuss the aggression China has against Taiwan which is an ally with America and may possibly cause World War 3 in the near future. source

INSIDE THE VAULT: – How to Use A.I. to Build Your Credit and Leverage Other People’s Money

Millions of Americans use their credit cards to purchase what they need every day. But did you know that you can also use your credit card to make money? With the power...

How to use A.I. to be Better in Life & Business

There are many ways that artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to improve both your personal life and your business. In this clip we expand on a few. #earnyourleisure...