10 U.S. States Where You Can Afford a Home on a $75K Income - Folded Waffle 10 U.S. States Where You Can Afford a Home on a $75K Income - Folded Waffle

10 U.S. States Where You Can Afford a Home on a $75K Income


Welcome back to Market Mondays, your weekly dose of real estate insights and financial literacy! In this highlight from our latest clip, hosts Ian Dunlap and Rashad Bilal reveal and discuss a hot topic that affects many Americans today: affordability in the housing market.

If you’re earning less than $75,000 a year, and thinking it’s impossible to own a home—you might want to reconsider. The duo dives into a list of ten states where home ownership is still within reach for those earning under the 75K threshold. From Mississippi’s $63,000 affordability marker to Louisiana’s $67,000 benchmark, they cover the full spectrum.

Beyond just listing these affordable states, Ian and Rashad critically examine what this means for the average American, including the potential drawbacks and implications of living in these areas. They explore the state economies, political climates, and opportunities for upward mobility.

As they dig deeper, Ian proposes innovative ideas for leveraging the benefits of these states, such as running online businesses remotely to create financial arbitrage opportunities. Targeting the heart of entrepreneurial spirit, they emphasize the pressing need to adapt and seek out consistent revenue streams, no matter where you reside.

Later in the conversation, the question of investing in these states is raised. Ian and Rashad share their personal views on whether states like Michigan or Indiana have investment potential. They also touch on the future of bigger markets like Los Angeles and New York, offering their bullish or bearish sentiments in light of recent economic shifts and trends.

Is renting a better option for those in the sub-75K income range? Are some states a wiser investment choice than others? What strategies can you employ to maximize your financial possibilities? Join Ian and Rashad as they tackle these pressing questions, always keeping it real with their expert insights and actionable advice.

Remember to share your thoughts in the comments below! Are you considering a move or investment in any of these states? Do you agree or disagree with the points discussed?

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00:00 – Intro & List of Affordable States for Home Buying
01:28 – Analyzing the Average American Income and Home Buying
02:17 – The Economic States of the Listed Affordable States
03:08 – Strategies for Living and Investing in These States
05:23 – The Role of Entrepreneurship in Today’s Economy
06:20 – Housing Market Challenges for Sub-75K Income Earners
08:34 – Discussing the Housing Affordability Threshold
10:02 – Why Investing in Winning States Like Florida and Texas Matters
14:14 – The Future Prospects of States Not on the Affordable List
17:27 – New York’s Long-Term Outlook and Possible Decline
21:15 – The Most Bullish States from the Affordable List
24:45 – Closing Thoughts & Call to Action

Thank you for tuning in to this edition of Market Mondays. Always invest wisely and we look forward to bringing you more content to equip and inspire your financial journey.

Remember, this is just a snapshot of the lengthy discussion. Access the full video for an in-depth analysis and compelling conversation about real estate opportunities across the United States and the evolving landscape of our economy. Stay informed, stay empowered, and let’s build wealth together with Market Mondays!


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