Nick Grant “Frenemies” - Folded Waffle Nick Grant “Frenemies” - Folded Waffle

Nick Grant “Frenemies”


“Frenemies” is a profound exploration of the complex relationships that shape our lives. Grant’s heavy-hitting lyrics, paired with BJ the Chicago Kid’s soulful vocals, create a moody and chill atmosphere that resonates deeply with listeners. The track delves into the paradoxical nature of friendships and rivalries, examining how these dualities influence our personal growth and worldviews. It’s a masterclass in conscious hip-hop, blending introspection with the rhythmic cadences of old-school vibes.

Nick Grant has earned the title of the ‘rapper’s favorite rapper’ with endorsements from hip-hop legends like Nas, André 3000, and Killer Mike. His ability to weave intricate stories into his music is unparalleled, and the deluxe edition of Sunday Dinner only amplifies this talent. Grant’s lyrics are not just words; they are vivid portraits of life’s trials and triumphs, painted with the precision of a seasoned artist.

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