9MMOBIE - 1 TO DA BACC - Folded Waffle 9MMOBIE - 1 TO DA BACC - Folded Waffle



Dive into the nostalgic vibes of old-school hip-hop with 9MMOBIE’s latest track, “1 TO DA BACC.” Approved from the popular chart, this song takes listeners on a journey back to the roots of hip-hop, blending elements of consciousness and boom-bap beats to create a captivating musical experience.

“1 TO DA BACC” resonates with the essence of classic hip-hop, featuring gritty beats and soulful samples that harken back to the golden era of the genre. 9MMOBIE’s lyricism is raw and unapologetic, painting vivid pictures of urban life while reflecting on personal experiences and struggles. From its infectious rhythms to its thought-provoking lyrics, the track captures the raw energy and authenticity that defined the early days of hip-hop.

As a relatively new artist on the scene, 9MMOBIE is already making waves with his distinctive sound and lyrical prowess. With “1 TO DA BACC,” he showcases his ability to craft meaningful narratives and deliver powerful messages through his music. Drawing inspiration from the pioneers of hip-hop, 9MMOBIE pays homage to the genre’s roots while putting his own unique spin on it, making him a rising star to watch in the hip-hop community.

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