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“At Folded Waffle, we’re not just a blog – we’re a vibrant Creole patisserie and an independent music platform based out of LA, California.

Our mission goes beyond the beats; it’s about blending the heartbeats of mainstream entertainment with the soulful rhythm of the underground scene.

We’re here to create a warm, welcoming space where artists from all corners of the globe come together. We serve up more than just music; our delicious folded waffles, available in a small assortment of addictive flavors, are crafted with the same love and care we put into uplifting independent voices.

We believe in community, in giving artists a place to thrive, and in providing our readers with content that challenges, inspires, and sparks growth. Together, we uncover hidden gems, celebrate unique perspectives, and share stories that need to be told.

Beats-Flavor-Connection, Folded Waffle is your hub for music, creativity, and cultural exploration. We invite you to be part of this journey, where every note and every bite brings us closer, fosters growth, and feeds the soul.”

– Lanzen



“Foldedwaffle” is a division of Hammond Clan Ventures, LLC