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Artist Spotlight: Miles Gaines


Alex: Hello, Miles! Tell us about yourself and your background.

Miles Gaines: I’m Miles Gaines from Los Angeles, CA, USA. It’s my first and last name. I had many rap names before, but after a while, I wanted the fans to know who “I” was. My name represented that the most.


Alex: How has your journey in music been?

Miles Gaines: Rough terrain. I kept falling but kept climbing. I went through every emotion minus the one that one feels they should stop.


Alex: What was your first experience like after signing your deal?

Miles Gaines: After signing my deal, I felt super confident and wanted to record. So I hit the studio, and the first record I recorded was “Laughing to the Bank.”


Alex: What message do you want to convey through your music?

Miles Gaines: I really just want the kids to know that no matter how everyone makes them feel about their dream, just chase it. Especially when you’re young with no responsibilities, that’s the time to really hone in on your craft. Who cares if you fail? Just keep trying new stuff and, most importantly, enjoy yourselves.


Alex: If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be?

Miles Gaines: Kanye West. I’d love to create a project from the ground up with him. His creativity and knowledge are out of this world.


Alex: Where do you see your career heading in the next year?

Miles Gaines: To the stars. Working on a new album and touring.


Alex: Do you see yourself doing interviews and exploring new opportunities?

Miles Gaines: Yes, absolutely.


Alex: Where can people find your music and reach out to you?

Miles Gaines: My website is, and for any inquiries, you can contact


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