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Artist Spotlight: Soliz


Alex: Welcome, Soliz! Can you tell us a bit about yourself and where you’re from?

Soliz: I’m originally from Bolivia, South America, and now reside in Chicago. I like to stand on business as it’s a part of my name, so I feel like it honors my family and myself. We came a long way from where we started; it’s almost like motivation to be better. Plus, it’s short and easy to say, “SOLIZ” (SO LEASE) lol. One day I was thinking it also kind of sounds like soulless, but that’s if you mispronounce it, and don’t worry, I have my soul and didn’t sell it to Milhouse.


Alex: What inspired you to get into music?

Soliz: Inspired by bands like Queen and Black Sabbath, I began playing guitar at 10 years old and piano at 15. Then, I started producing in 2014, and ever since I was hooked. I want to create a genre called nostalgic bounce in the future and leave a mark for people to join in on.


Alex: Can you share a bit about your creative process?

Soliz: When creating recent tracks, I always mess something up like add an extra note, accidental tempo switch, or miss a chord on time, etc. Instead of deleting it right away, I’ll listen to it, and sometimes it sounds better than what I originally had planned. I like to call those happy mistakes. I also just pick random VSTs, jam on my guitar, or try to create drum bounces when I’m beat block; it usually helps, and so does taking breaks.


Alex: You’ve mentioned wanting to create a new genre. Can you elaborate on that?

Soliz: One thing I do want to do is hone in on my own genre I like to call nostalgic bounce, which takes nostalgic sounds and progressions, paired with bouncy drums, ear candy, and spatial imaging. I aim to take the listener on a journey, rather than just a 16-bar loop, hook, and repeat. I make my beats or songs ever-evolving, adding or removing elements to give a sense of transition and journey through music.


Alex: Any interesting stories or challenges in your music career so far?

Soliz: Here’s a funny story that happened recently. I was cooking a nice smooth phonk track (think Soudiere) and found that some sites were reselling my beats for like 5 dollars for the exclusive license. I was taken aback but also slightly confused. How can several music platforms not have contact ID? Anyway, the platforms wouldn’t help me after I sent them proof and metadata, so I filed a claim on the few people who did it or suspected it was an automated bot doing this. Hopefully, it’s been overcome, but you know how the music business is busy all the time.


Alex: Who would you love to collaborate with?

Soliz: If I could collaborate with any artist, it would have to be AKTHESAVIOR or LUCKI. AK because he has crazy conscious flows over crazy beats, and Lucki because he has mastered the art of riding the beat. Seeing his progression and glow-up was nice. It was also him and Odd Future that inspired me to begin my production journey.


Alex: Where do you see yourself in the future with your music?

Soliz: I see myself creating music for myself, making myself happy, and trying to take my sound to the next level. Possibly creating more compositions for other artists to flip or trying something new, like remixes or solo guitar tracks. Either way, I see music taking me where I want to be, all smiles.


Alex: What are your goals for the next year?

Soliz: Land more placements, network with a lot more artists, and reach 1 million views on all platforms.


Alex: How do you approach promotion and reaching new fans?

Soliz: Not many that I’ve seen, a lot of promo lately has been kind of sketchy, so I try to avoid it at times. I like it when I get fans naturally, but that’s the challenge. That’s why I make several genres of music ranging from rap to downtempo to RNB to rock to pop, etc. If any artist wants to hop on, they can contact me. Sometimes I’ll make a track that can be hard for an artist to hop on, like EDM genres. I usually don’t sell those and just put them up on SoundCloud or Spotify. That’s why I like meeting people in person or just networking online and creating something they like.


Alex: Where can people find your music and contact you?

Soliz: You can find my music on or my YouTube channel, 

If my fans ever want to contact me, they can hit me up on Instagram at LEFTBRAINRIGHTFOOT. I appreciate anyone who becomes a fan, and I always say mutual respect is key with fanbase and collaborators. So don’t worry, I’ll follow back LOL.


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