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Artist Spotlight: The Incredible KMACK


Artist Introduction

What’s your stage name and where are you from?

Inner Vibe Sound is the brand I represent. Personally, I’m known as The Incredible KMACK. I’m from North Philadelphia.

What’s the story behind your stage name?

Inner Vibe Sound is a name I came up with some years ago. It represents the inner parts of the human experience that’s based on all vibration that I transmit with sound. But really, I was a big dancehall fan and always wanted to have my sound system. So the name came from that competitive sound clash culture in the 90’s.

Describe your musical journey in three sentences.

Started out writing down and memorizing early hip-hop classics and eventually graduated to writing my own raps. My production began on a Roland 707. As I progressed, I found a love for the MPC 60 II. Released my first album “Evolve or Perish” in 1999.


Fan Engagement

Share an interesting experience you had while creating your latest track.

While creating my last project as a whole, I started out attempting to make a Lofi album. So it has a Lofi feel to it, but the boom bap in me just kept creeping in.

What message do you want to convey through your music?

Just wanna let people know that independence is possible and integrity in the music is cool.


Behind the Music

Tell us about a challenge you faced during production and how you overcame it.

Learning a DAW was my biggest challenge. The way I got good was YouTube university and putting in the practice.

If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be and why?

I would love to collaborate with Black Thought. Thought is one of the nicest to touch a mic plus he’s from my city.


Future Aspirations

Where do you see your music taking you in the next year?

I see myself recording and releasing another album before the end of 2024.

What’s the next big step for you as an artist?

Creating a good marketing plan and executing it.


Recent Work & Contact Info

Where can we hear/watch your most recent work?

What is the best way to contact you if fans want to give feedback or if other artists/producers want to collaborate?

@inner_vibe_sound on IG.


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