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Artist Spotlight: WattzSun


Alex: Welcome, WattzSun! Tell us about your name and where you’re from.

WattzSun: My name is WattzSun, and I’m born and raised in North Las Vegas. The name WattzSun started out as an inside joke. A few years back, some friends would announce me as “Mr. Randy Watson!” like in the movie Coming to America. I decided to use it to my advantage, and with a distinct spelling, WattzSun was born.


Alex: How did your musical journey begin?

WattzSun: I started out rhyming as a battle rapper. I didn’t want to be pigeonholed as a “one trick pony,” so I got into writing songs with more diverse subjects and vibes. I fell in love with the writing process, and from there, the albums began.


Alex: Can you share an interesting experience while creating music?

WattzSun: When Body Bag Ben gave me the beat for “Pressure Point,” I immediately knew this was a “bar up” or fall back type of track. My original plan was to solo it out on this one, but after completing verse two, I wanted to inject some new energy into the song by adding Sixmillie and the legendary Ms. Toi. Getting both their verses back and hearing what they both spit was confirmation and motivation for finishing the full EP, “Gas & Guns.”


Alex: What is your latest project about?

WattzSun: “Pressure Point” is the second single from my new EP, “Gas & Guns.” With this project, I really wanted to remind the world that west coast hip hop still has some of the sharpest lyricists, and one of those lyricists is from Las Vegas, NV.


Alex: What was the biggest challenge you faced during production?

WattzSun: Mixing. I wanted these tracks to sound as full and colorful as possible, and I just wasn’t satisfied with my usual approach to mixing my music. After finishing “Pressure Point,” I reached out to my guy Speak Lo and asked him to take a stab at mixing it. Once I got that song back, it was a no-brainer to have him mix the entire project.


Alex: Who would you love to collaborate with?

WattzSun: Nas. I think Nas has great timing. Timing not just on a track but Nas always seems to drop videos and projects at just the right time. The opportunity to learn from an artist like that is priceless.


Alex: What are your plans for the future

WattzSun: I’m focusing on creating videos and visuals for each song on my EP. I also plan to get back to performing soon.


Alex: Where can fans find your music and connect with you?

WattzSun: My EP “Gas & Guns” is on Bandcamp, and singles like “Pressure Point” are streaming on all digital platforms. Fans can follow me on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube for more content.

One thought on “Artist Spotlight: WattzSun

  1. Drew Levi

    After checking out the whole project, I can honestly say that Wattzsun was humble in this interview. I think my favorite track is “Blue Interior” because it’s so damn catchy and raw. Shit I had a few lines that made me rewind to hear him say it again, which I haven’t done in years! Great project and I’m sharing it with all my brothers.


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