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Artist Spotlight: Wisdumb


Artist Introduction

What’s your stage name and where are you from?
My stage name is “Wisdumb” and I’m from India/Switzerland.
What’s the story behind your stage name?
I wanted a meaningful name and something that suits me as well. Wisdumb is duality, contradictions, it’s like the yin and the yang, it represents the conflict I face within myself and I’m sure a lot of people can relate. Sometimes I can be very wise, insightful, calm and helpful and other times I can be the polar opposite of those things. It’s all about balancing these characteristics out.
Describe your musical journey in three sentences.
It’s been long and bumpy with a lot of interruptions. But I’ve laid out a plan and I’ve been executing it with focus. So I should be getting there, maybe not shortly but surely.


Fan Engagement

Share an interesting experience you had while creating your latest track.
After we wrapped up the video shoot for my latest track “Icarus” we had to navigate back home through some forest areas that had no street lights and our car’s headlights had blown out so we were completely blind, so we had to prop our video shoot lights out the window so we had at least some visibility. So yeah, that was a fun but scary experience.
What message do you want to convey through your music?
I want to bring back lyricism. I want songs to have meaning again and be able to inspire change in oneself, their views or the world. Music can also be educational, it should be an experience but right now I feel like it’s just consumption instead.


Behind the Music

Tell us about a challenge you faced during production and how you overcame it.
Writing hooks have been a challenge for me in the past, making them catchy but still lyrically dope. Just had to keep trying and once I cracked it for one song, it gave me the confidence to do it again and again.
If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be and why?
Uhhhh man, there are a few that come to mind, some of my biggest inspirations would be Tech N9ne and Rakim but there’s also Brother Ali who I feel like sonically has inspired me the most. So, any of those guys would be phenomenal.


Future Aspirations

Where do you see your music taking you in the next year?
Rocking out more shows, tearing down bigger stages, gaining more fan base and collaborating with more of my peers.
What’s the next big step for you as an artist?
These kind of questions are hard to answer, I just gotta keep doing me and I’m sure something will come out of it that looking back at it will be like, yeah that was a big milestone for me.


Recent Work & Contact Info

Where can we hear/watch your most recent work?
My latest music video “Icarus” is officially out on YouTube and streaming on all DSPs, here’s the link:
What is the best way to contact you if fans want to give feedback or if other artists/producers want to collaborate?
Instagram DM’s or comments on my posts or YouTube videos or email at:


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