Marcus Rodriquez

Marcus Rodriguez (@MarkMyWords) Professional copywriter and content strategist based in the heart of Austin, Texas. From startup hustles to Fortune 500 giants, I'm the wordsmith behind some of the most compelling brand narratives out there. I may specialize in SEO, but I also know how to strum a mean guitar. When I'm not crafting copy, you'll find me tapping my feet to the city's underground rap scene or soaking up the sun in the great outdoors.

Playboy Payso & Dom 2XL – God is My Bodyguard feat. ShowBoat

First single off Dom 2XL & Playboy Payso’s upcoming mixtape “Overseas Business V2”. Play it on all DSPs: … source

Meenguwo audio

Locomotive knights album 2019 #locosounds #africansounds #sweetmelodies #afrobeat #Namibiamusic #drawerlocosounds #phillz-klocosounds source

Sly Rankin – Deliverance (Lyric Video)

Sly Rankin drop new single titled “Deliverance”. Sly Rankin is in his boom-bap bag, getting introspective on this, his latest offering. source

Kenny Moran | Mix in a New Dimension | Studio One & Dolby Atmos | PreSonus

Grammy-nominated mix engineer and producer, Kenny Moran is no stranger to the music industry, and a huge believer in utilizing immersive audio in music production. With...

XP The Marxman – Nana (Prod. 2wo Offishall)

XP The Marxman drop new single titled “Nana”. Produced by 2wo Offishall. Stream/Buy … source

Dahi x Elmiene – Shame (Official Audio)

Listen to ‘Shame’ — Pre-order Elmiene’s new EP now — Subscribe to Elmiene...

SuperKnova – Seatbelts [Official Audio]

Spotify: Apple Music: Bandcamp: Soundcloud: YouTube:

Wyze Wonda feat. DNTE – HeartBreak (Prod. DNTE)

Wyze Wonda drop new single titled “HeartBreak” with DNTE . Produced by DNTE #WyzeWonda #DNTE If you want to contact me, … source

RAFAEL87BABY – Grey Skies [BayAreaCompass]


Imp & Fendi Pendergrass – Pearls Before Swine (Album)

Streaming: Purchase Digitial Download/Physical … source