barber boy - Tight Lines Vol.1 - Folded Waffle barber boy - Tight Lines Vol.1 - Folded Waffle

barber boy – Tight Lines Vol.1


In the dynamic world of hip-hop, barber boy emerges as a unique voice, blending influences from the UK and New Zealand to create a sound that’s both gritty and fresh. Born and raised in the UK, barber boy’s musical journey took an exciting turn when he relocated to New Zealand, where he found inspiration in the vibrant local scene. Influenced by the raw beats of grime and the storytelling tradition of hip-hop, barber boy’s style is a seamless fusion of lyricism and unpredictable flow. With each track, he pushes boundaries and redefines genres, captivating audiences with his distinct sound.

Released on January 14, 2024, Tight Lines Vol.1 offers listeners a laid-back and fun journey through the world of hip-hop. From the opening bars, barber boy’s unique flow grabs attention, drawing listeners into his sonic universe. The beats are infectious, blending old-school hip-hop vibes with elements of gangsta rap and boom-bap. Tracks like “WALLACE” and “hotboxed.” showcase barber boy’s versatility, with each song offering a different mood and energy.

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