“bass mint wind hos” - Swervus, High Sunday - Folded Waffle “bass mint wind hos” - Swervus, High Sunday - Folded Waffle

“bass mint wind hos” – Swervus, High Sunday


Swervus and High Sunday present ‘bass mint wind hos.’ Beyond the beats and lyrics, this track resonates with a powerful message, shedding light on corruption and the collective apathy towards underserved communities.

About the Track

‘bass mint wind hos’ is more than a song; it’s a clarion call for change. Swervus and High Sunday’s collaboration weaves together genres like Hip-Hop, Conscious Hip-Hop, BoomBap, and Alternative Hip-Hop. Through a tapestry of beats and verses, they articulate a narrative that demands attention.

Unmasking Injustice

The lyrics delve into the core of societal issues, pulling back the curtain on corruption and unveiling the stark reality faced by marginalized communities. It’s a sonic mirror that reflects the injustices lurking in the shadows, challenging us to confront and dismantle them.

The Visionaries Behind the Track

Matthew ‘Swervus’ Diaz, a Chicago-based music producer and MC, embodies a unique perspective rooted in his diverse heritage. His music is a testament to the rich tapestry of experiences that shape his art. From classical training to hip-hop influences, Swervus’ journey is one of musical evolution and innovation.

A Glimpse into Swervus’ World

Swervus, a proud father of two, draws inspiration from the rhythms of everyday life. His music is a fusion of gritty rhymes and self-produced beats, reflecting the intersections of race, class, and culture. With a background steeped in diverse traditions, Swervus’ tracks are a testament to the power of inclusivity.

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