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“Bath Salts” – Ladi, Cameron McCloud


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“Bath Salts” by Ladi, Cameron McCloud.

Ladi, a multi-talented and multi-genre artist, hails from Nigeria and has established himself as a Texas immigrant. With over 20 years of drumming, 15 years of guitar playing, and 6 years of songwriting and rap experience, Ladi is a seasoned musician who continues to evolve and perfect his sound. His diverse projects include “Igimeji” for R&B and alternative content, “808 Saints” for rap and trap with a guitar edge, and his solo endeavors spanning rap, country, and alternative sounds. In addition to his solo work, Ladi actively performs with various bands and singers in the DFW music scene. As he plans a fall and spring tour across the U.S., he remains committed to pushing the boundaries of his musical career and collaborating with the diverse sounds found in the Dallas Fort Worth arts scene.

“Bath Salts” is a sonic journey that brings together the formidable talents of Ladi and Cameron McCloud from Cure for Paranoia, Dallas legends in their own right. This dubstep/trap drop with a sitar feel is a powerful blend of strong lyrical openings and closings, coupled with a dreamy outro. Ladi describes it as a mind-bending and twisting lyrical experience set against a ferocious and empowering beat. The track, released by SYLA Media LLC, delivers a unique fusion of styles that pays homage to the essence of hip-hop.

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