Billions For Streamers, Future of Content, Tesla's Future & Equity Crowdfunding With Isaac Hayes III - Folded Waffle Billions For Streamers, Future of Content, Tesla's Future & Equity Crowdfunding With Isaac Hayes III - Folded Waffle

Billions For Streamers, Future of Content, Tesla's Future & Equity Crowdfunding With Isaac Hayes III


In tonight’s episode of Market Mondays, we delve into some of the hottest topics in the financial world and speak with special guest Isaac Hayes III. Our discussions include:

Tesla’s Stock Analysis: A renowned analyst predicts a significant decline in Tesla’s stock value, potentially dropping to $50 per share. We dissect this forecast and delve into Tesla’s business model.

Moody’s Downgrades US Credit Rating: We explore the implications of Moody’s recent downgrade of the US credit rating and its effect on the stock market and investor sentiment.

HubSpot Stock Review: We take a quick look at HubSpot’s current stock performance and what the future might hold.

Potential US Government Shutdown: As the U.S. teeters on the edge of a shutdown, we discuss what this means for investors and the overall market.

Tech Predictions for 2024: Delving into the future of technology, we discuss our predictions and whether a tech boom is on the horizon for next year.

We spoke with our Special Guest, Isaac Hayes III, about:

Breaking Barriers in Equity Crowdfunding: Isaac shares his groundbreaking achievement as the first Black man to raise $10 million in Reg CF Equity Crowdfunding.

Equity Crowdfunding as an Alternative: We explore how this method is enabling small businesses to bypass traditional banking and venture capital biases.

Fanbase – Empowering the Overlooked: A look at how Fanbase is giving a voice and investment opportunities in tech startups to those traditionally unheard.

Circulating Wealth in the Black Community: Discussing the role of equity crowdfunding in bringing wealth back into the community.

Leading Social Media Monetization: We delve into Fanbase’s role in pioneering content monetization in social media and the future of content creation and subscriptions.

Join us for these insightful discussions and expert analyses. Tune in to Market Mondays for your weekly dose of financial wisdom and industry updates.

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0:00 Intro / Last Episode’s Discussion
15:00 Analyst Price Estimates for Tesla
16:00 Tesla’s Weaknesses & Financial Analysis
18:45 Bear Case for Tesla
21:17 Does Tesla Have any Real Competitors?
23:16 Starlink’s Importance
25:12 What is Tesla’s Real Business Model?
27:36 Candas Mortgage System
28:28 Tesla Long Term Price Target
29:20 U.S. Credit Rating Downgrade
33:48 HubSpot Stock
36:39 How to Invest In ChatGPT
39:17 ChatGPT New Features
40:50 Potential Government Shutdown
44:40 Biden Not Running Again?
47:40 Isaac Hayes Intro
48:58 Raising $10 Million
50:37 Advice for Breaking Into Tech
52:40 Life Cycle of Social Media
53:56 Equity Crowdfunding Explained
1:00:48 Getting Support from the Black Community
1:04:21 Calculating Valuation in the Industry
1:07:17 Plan to Scale User Base
1:09:24 Greatest Challenge in Past 5 Years
1:11:18 Innovation in Monetizing Content
1:13:12 Algorithmic Censorship
1:15:47 Potential Exit Strategy
1:20:13 How Much is Fanbase Gonna Be Worth?
1:21:21 Size of the Subscription Market
1:23:25 Revenue Split
1:27:33 Virtual Spending
1:28:07 Creating a Moat
1:32:17 Plan for POC to Get More Equity
1:36:43 Isaac Hayes Outro
1:40:15 Recap
1:44:22 Predictions for 2024 Tech Market
1:46:03 Automation VS Human Skills
1:48:27 Potential Recession
1:52:38 Drake Tour
1:54:06 Outro


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