"Blissfully" - Sunny Pineal,Dark Matter Militia - Folded Waffle "Blissfully" - Sunny Pineal,Dark Matter Militia - Folded Waffle

“Blissfully” – Sunny Pineal,Dark Matter Militia



Sunny Pineal, a creative force in the realm of conscious hip-hop, has been captivating listeners with his spiritual and thought-provoking music. Infused with infinite cosmic light and a message of freeing humanity, Sunny Pineal’s music transcends genres and touches the soul. With his latest release, “Blissfully,” he continues to inspire and uplift with his unique blend of boom-bap beats and alternative hip-hop vibes.


“Blissfully” is a spiritual love song that resonates with the beauty of the human soul. Released under Sunnyside Avenue, the track exudes warmth and positivity, inviting listeners to align with their innermost selves. With its enchanting melodies and uplifting lyrics, “Blissfully” serves as a reminder of the boundless potential within each individual to experience joy and serenity in their lives.


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