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Chilloutjah – January 5th (album)


Chilloutjah, an emerging rapper from Atlanta, is making waves in the music scene with his authentic sound and compelling story. Born on January 5, 2002, Chilloutjah isn’t just another artist from Atlanta; he’s a beacon of resilience and determination, using his voice to share his journey and inspire others.

Chilloutjah’s music is deeply personal, reflecting his experiences and the challenges he has faced. He was born with Arthrogryposis, a rare bone disease that affects joint movement. Despite this, Chilloutjah has never let his condition define him. Instead, he uses it as a source of strength and inspiration, pouring his pain and triumphs into his lyrics.

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Growing up in Atlanta, a city renowned for its rich musical heritage, Chilloutjah found solace and expression in hip-hop. The vibrant beats and lyrical prowess of the genre provided the perfect outlet for him to share his story. His tracks are a mix of raw emotion and unfiltered honesty, capturing the essence of his journey and his dreams

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