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CHRIS CACHIA – Bars and Bass


From the heart of Canada comes an emcee whose lyrical prowess and raw honesty continue to captivate audiences. Chris Cachia, known for turning personal struggles into powerful art, is back with his latest single, “Bars and Bass.” This track is the final teaser before the release of his highly anticipated album, ‘The 27th Letter.’

Good art often emerges from challenging places, and Chris Cachia’s journey is a testament to this truth. His upcoming release, ‘The 27th Letter,’ is deeply rooted in his personal battles, particularly his experience with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). After debuting his first album in 2007, Chris took an eight-year hiatus to manage his mental health. His return in 2015 marked the beginning of a new chapter, with a series of EPs and his 2022 album, ‘Persona,’ showcasing his evolution as an artist.

“Bars and Bass” is a boom-bap banger that highlights Cachia’s commanding flow and mastery of language, driven by an infectious bass line. This track follows the release of two other singles, “Hot and Cold” in April and “Above and Below” in May, both of which received critical acclaim and solidified his place in the Canadian hip-hop scene.

Produced by Charlie McEvoy, a lifelong friend and collaborator, “Bars and Bass” is a testament to their enduring partnership. The two first started recording music together at eight years old in Cachia’s basement, using his father’s tape deck. Today, McEvoy runs In Tune Studios in Stratford, Ontario, while Cachia continues to push boundaries with his music.

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