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Classik – Gimme More Time


Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Classik is a highly regarded recording artist, songwriter, and record producer. With a discography boasting over 40 projects, Classik is known for his soul-stirring lyrics, infectious hooks, and captivating beats. He has collaborated with jazz rap luminaries like Karmawin, CrazyJaZz, and Shin-Ski, establishing himself as a prominent figure in the music scene.

Classik’s journey is one of resilience and hope, shaped by his roots as the son of refugees who fled the Salvadoran Civil War. Born in the ‘90s amidst the influence of hip-hop’s golden age, he found solace and expression in the genre. His music serves as a raw and unfiltered reflection of life’s highs and lows, addressing challenges, enduring hardships, and celebrating victories with authenticity and depth.

“Gimme More Time” by Classik is a soulful exploration of alternative hip-hop, embodying the essence of creative freedom and expression. Released on March 28, 2024, under Lab 91 Records, this track captures the essence of Classik’s artistic journey and mindset.

The song opens with hypnotic instrumentals, setting a contemplative tone that resonates throughout the track. Classik’s lyricism is introspective and evocative, as he delves into themes of frustration, anxiety, and the relentless pursuit of creativity. His verses paint a vivid picture of a mind in motion, racing against time to capture fleeting moments of inspiration.

Produced, mixed, written, and performed by Classik himself, “Gimme More Time” is a testament to his multifaceted talent and dedication to his craft. Each element of the song, from the soulful instrumentation to the impassioned vocals, contributes to its immersive and captivating sonic experience.

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