Dide - Mental - Folded Waffle Dide - Mental - Folded Waffle

Dide – Mental


“Mental” is not just a track; it’s an introspective journey. From the first beat, Dide’s flow captures your attention, weaving a narrative that is both personal and universal. The production is tight, with a beat that pulses with energy and a melody that lingers long after the track ends. It’s a perfect blend of chill and energetic moods, making it versatile for various listening experiences.

Dide’s lyrics in “Mental” serve as a form of real-time therapy, a candid expression of his emotions, lifestyle, and the pressures that come with his unique position. His flow is intoxicating, reminiscent of British rap giants like Dave, Clavish, and Potter Payper. Each verse offers a glimpse into his world, revealing the chaos and excess of his lifestyle while addressing the mental health challenges that often go unspoken in both the music and sports industries.

Dide burst onto the music scene in 2023 with his debut single “Thrill,” which quickly amassed millions of streams. His rapid rise is a testament to his talent and the compelling narrative he brings to the table. In a world where pro footballers are often seen but not heard, Dide’s music provides a rare, unfiltered look into his life, blending his athletic prowess with his artistic soul.

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