Dillon & Batsauce - "Banana Peels" - Folded Waffle Dillon & Batsauce - "Banana Peels" - Folded Waffle

Dillon & Batsauce – “Banana Peels”


“Banana Peels” is a masterclass in blending sharp lyrics with equally sharp visuals. The track features production by Batsauce, who also animated the video. The choice of Spy vs. Spy is a nostalgic nod that resonates with Dillon’s childhood memories and reflects the competitive nature of the rap industry today.

Dillon explains, “This classic comic was something my Pop loved and passed on to me. Spy vs. Spy reminds me of today’s rap game—it’s full of people who look, act, and sound the same, all while trying to sabotage each other. Myself included, I guess,” he laughs, “though I’m too old for that.”

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