GO79MAN - The Power - Folded Waffle GO79MAN - The Power - Folded Waffle

GO79MAN – The Power


“The Power” is a bold, dynamic track that serves as the theme song for ASÉ Wrestling. GO79MAN, born in Chicago and raised in Raleigh, channels his personal experiences and cultural heritage into a powerful anthem that highlights and empowers Black culture. This song is not just about showcasing strength but also about being a catalyst for change within the African American professional wrestling space.

Lyrical Depth and Inspiration

GO79MAN’s lyrical delivery in “The Power” is both fierce and reflective. The track delves into themes of empowerment, resilience, and cultural pride. His words resonate with the energy of a community striving for recognition and respect. This is not surprising, considering GO79MAN’s background and his deep connection to his roots.

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