“Half Price Dreams” – Illatees, Rayn


Join Illatees on his introspective journey from seaside dweller to interstellar, metaphysical theory, story teller. Pleasure and pain are only two sides of the same coin to him, making life’s ups and downs look easy if you’re Ill. From ‘All At Sea’, expressing the potential dark side of a Monday morning, to ‘Made Matter’’s, other end of the spectrum, subject matter. Illatees challenges the mundane and boring restrictions of this Earthly Realm we find ourselves confined to.

From the artist:

“I wrote this in the first month of my now life-long journey of sobriety. It’s about saying goodbye to a past version of myself, knowing that only better things are ahead. It can sound dark and aggressive, but the undertone is that I’ve stepped into the light on the other side.”

Waffle Reviews

  • Originality7
  • Lyrical Content9
  • Production Quality7
  • Delivery8
  • Message7
  • 7.6


    In future tracks, consider exploring even deeper into the nuances of delivery to add an extra layer of dynamism to your music. The foundation is solid, and a slight tweak in production could further elevate the resonance of the music. Illatees' "Half Price Dreams" is a raw and introspective journey into the artist's life as he embarked on the path of sobriety. The song carries a dark and aggressive tone but is underscored by a powerful message of stepping into the light after bidding farewell to a past self. Illatees' music is a testament to personal growth and transformation, making it a compelling addition to the hip-hop scene.
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