"Hindsight" - G-SALIH - Folded Waffle "Hindsight" - G-SALIH - Folded Waffle

“Hindsight” – G-SALIH


“Hindsight” is not just a song; it’s a snapshot of G-SALIH’s profound reflections on his life’s journey. A key track from his project “GIHAD 2,” this single encapsulates personal and musical growth. Immerse yourself in the compelling lyrics and harmonies, enriched by the accompaniment of an extraordinary choir. It stands out as a highlight within the project, offering a glimpse into the artist’s evolution.

Waffle Reviews

  • Originality7
  • Lyrical Content6
  • Production Quality8
  • Delivery8
  • Message7
  • 7.2


    "Hindsight" emanates promise and potential, showcasing a well-crafted structure. G-SALIH skillfully weaves personal reflections into his music. A slight refinement in production could enhance clarity and balance, elevating the overall impact and resonance of this powerful piece.
User Rating: 2.5 ( 1 Votes )

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