How to Attract The Perfect Woman, Tips on Dating Successful Men, & Home Buying Trap With April Mason - Folded Waffle How to Attract The Perfect Woman, Tips on Dating Successful Men, & Home Buying Trap With April Mason - Folded Waffle

How to Attract The Perfect Woman, Tips on Dating Successful Men, & Home Buying Trap With April Mason


Welcome back to another thought-provoking episode of Black Out, where we dive deep into the topics that matter most to our community. In today’s episode, we’re tackling two major discussions that have been stirring up conversations everywhere.

First up, we delve into the big financial question many of us face at some point in our lives: Would you prefer paying cash for your house or getting a loan? Imagine you have $3 million or $1 million saved up. Would you deplete your savings to own your home outright, or would you opt for a loan to preserve your cash reserves? We explore the pros and cons of each choice and what it means to “go broke” in paying off a house. This conversation is not just about finances; it’s about peace of mind, financial security, and the different ways we perceive wealth and investment in our community.

Then, we shift gears to a more sensitive but equally important topic: Should the black community forgive and embrace Candace Owens? Known for her controversial views and sharp criticisms, Candace Owens has been a divisive figure. We unpack the complexities of forgiveness, community solidarity, and the boundaries of ideological diversity within our own ranks.

Adding to the richness of today’s episode, we had the pleasure of interviewing the incredible April Mason. April shared her invaluable insights on the role of a feminine woman, the nuances of being submissive in a relationship, and how to navigate the treacherous waters of infidelity and power dynamics. Her expertise didn’t stop there; April also offered guidance on making a woman feel comfortable, securing a man’s confidence, and provided top-notch coaching on relationships. We also got into the nitty-gritty of the unwritten rules of dating, a topic that sparked some lively debate among us.

This episode is packed with eye-opening discussions, critical analyses, and heartfelt advice. Whether you’re navigating the housing market, pondering the dynamics of forgiveness and acceptance in our community, or seeking to understand the complex interplay of gender roles and relationship dynamics, this episode has something for you.

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0:00 Intro
2:28 Cash or Loan for your House?
10:06 #1 Rule in Life For Building Wealth
12:30 Candace Owens Trying to Rebrand after Fired From Daily Wire
18:37 Wear a MAGA Hat or Take Candace Owens on a Date?
19:39 April Mason Intro & Her Cafe Passion Project
21:54 Why Women who Prioritize their Career are less ‘In Demand’
28:32 April’s Thoughts on Submissive Women
38:17 Is Making 6 Figures a Very High Standard?
42:46 The Importance a Woman’s Presence has on a Man
47:44 If Your Man is High Value, How Much Do You Need to ‘Put Up’ With?
52:42 Can Polygamy Work for Some People?
1:00:1 Why Men Intrinsically are not All The Same
1:04:19 How Cheating Ruins your Spiruatal Energy
1:08:47 Advice for Women to Keep the Fire in Their Romance
1:13:04 Invest Fest Story
1:18:10 How to Receive Consulting from April
1:23:50 Interview Recap
1:34:20 Outro


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