JRoberts x Che Noir - Dead Wrong - Folded Waffle JRoberts x Che Noir - Dead Wrong - Folded Waffle

JRoberts x Che Noir – Dead Wrong


Toronto-based JRoberts teams up with the formidable Che Noir to drop a new track, “Dead Wrong,” released on July 4, 2024, under AON Records. The track is a compelling fusion of BoomBap and conscious hip-hop, marked by raw lyricism and vivid street imagery that hits hard and stays with you.

“Dead Wrong” opens with a beat that immediately transports you to the heart of the gritty streets that JRoberts so vividly describes in his verses. The production is tight, with a nostalgic nod to the golden age of hip-hop, yet fresh enough to stand out in today’s music landscape. The collaboration with Che Noir adds a powerful dynamic, as both artists weave their lyrical prowess into a seamless narrative of struggle, resilience, and truth.

JRoberts, known for his authentic storytelling, doesn’t disappoint. His verses are sharp and incisive, painting pictures of life’s harsh realities with a poet’s touch. Che Noir matches his energy with her own potent delivery, bringing a balance of strength and vulnerability that amplifies the track’s impact.

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