Kenny Gemini - Nose Bleeds - Folded Waffle Kenny Gemini - Nose Bleeds - Folded Waffle

Kenny Gemini – Nose Bleeds


Set against a backdrop of pulsating beats and infectious energy, “Nose Bleeds” is a high-octane anthem that speaks to the everyday struggles we all face. With his signature blend of hip-hop and conscious lyricism, Kenny Gemini delivers a message of hope and empowerment that resonates deeply with listeners.

Drawing inspiration from his own life experiences, Kenny Gemini infuses “Nose Bleeds” with raw emotion and authenticity. From the first verse to the last, his lyrics paint a vivid picture of perseverance in the face of adversity, making this track a must-listen for anyone seeking motivation and inspiration.

Describing himself as a “rolling stone,” Kenny Gemini is a songwriter with a mission to spread peace, love, and meaningful music to the world. With a unique blend of substance and style, he captivates audiences with his infectious energy and undeniable talent.

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