King Kaiju - Flossin - Folded Waffle King Kaiju - Flossin - Folded Waffle

King Kaiju – Flossin


King Kaiju, the Virginia-bred hip-hop artist known for his smooth and laid-back sound, has dropped his latest single, “Flossin.” Released through DistroKid, this track is a testament to his lyrical prowess and unique approach to conscious hip-hop. As a former member of the Newport News collective CrossJoint, King Kaiju continues to carve out his niche with his signature blend of old-school vibes and modern sensibilities.

“Flossin” is more than just a showcase of King Kaiju’s skills; it’s a journey through his world. Set against a backdrop of boom-bap beats and chill melodies, the track captures the essence of a laid-back, smoked-out mindset. The production is impeccable, featuring smooth samples, crisp percussion, and a bassline that ties everything together. It’s the kind of track that you can vibe to on a relaxing afternoon or late-night drive.

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