LaRue - HASHIRA - Folded Waffle LaRue - HASHIRA - Folded Waffle



“HASHIRA” draws heavy inspiration from the hit anime Demon Slayer, capturing the essence of the show’s themes of balance, resilience, and the relentless pursuit of positivity. The track’s name itself pays homage to the elite warriors of the anime, known for their unwavering spirit and dedication. LaRue channels this energy into his music, creating a sonic experience that is both uplifting and deeply reflective.

The production on “HASHIRA” is a seamless fusion of BoomBap, Conscious Hip-Hop, and Alternative Hip-Hop. It’s a soundscape that feels familiar yet fresh, evoking comparisons to artists like Mick Jenkins and Saba. The chill mood of the track sets the perfect backdrop for LaRue’s lyrical exploration, making it an ideal listen for those quiet moments of contemplation or when you need a boost of motivation.

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