"Marble Ruins" - Samuel Vincent,Celph Titled - Folded Waffle "Marble Ruins" - Samuel Vincent,Celph Titled - Folded Waffle

“Marble Ruins” – Samuel Vincent,Celph Titled



Emerging from the East Coast rap scene, Samuel Vincent has spent decades crafting his sound, drawing from his Brooklyn roots and Jersey upbringing. With a retro school flow that captivates listeners, Samuel infuses each track with double entendres, obscure references to Old Hollywood, and a constant ethical struggle. Now, with his latest release, “Marble Ruins,” featuring underground hip-hop titan Celph Titled, Samuel Vincent is poised to leave an indelible mark on the industry.


“Marble Ruins” is a testament to Samuel Vincent’s artistry and his ability to collaborate with some of the best in the game. Teaming up with Celph Titled, the track delivers a fierce and destructive energy that demands attention. With hard-hitting beats and razor-sharp lyricism, “Marble Ruins” paints a vivid picture of urban decay and societal unrest. It’s a raw and unapologetic exploration of the darker side of life, showcasing Samuel Vincent’s versatility and depth as an artist.


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