Mike Mitch and Padre Tóxico - Routine - Folded Waffle Mike Mitch and Padre Tóxico - Routine - Folded Waffle

Mike Mitch and Padre Tóxico – Routine


In a dimly lit room, as the clock ticks away, Mike Mitch and Padre Tóxico craft a gritty anthem to the relentless rhythm of life. “Routine,” their latest creation, is a dynamic exploration of the daily grind, set against a backdrop of hypnotic noir jazz beats and infused with Mitch’s lyrical prowess. Released under the MindSupplements Records and Limitless Imprint Entertainment labels, this track offers a unique blend of hip-hop, conscious rap, and boom bap, with a touch of cloud hop and emo hip-hop thrown into the mix.

Mike Mitch and Padre Tóxico, a dynamic duo hailing from the underground hip-hop scene, have been making waves for the past four years. Mitch, known for his dynamic flow and introspective lyrics, joins forces with Padre Tóxico, a Polish jazz beats maestro, to create a sound that defies genre boundaries. Together, they invite listeners on a journey through the gritty streets of urban life, offering a fresh perspective on the struggles and triumphs of everyday existence.

“Routine” is a sonic masterpiece that captures the essence of urban hustle and resilience. Mitch’s dynamic flow effortlessly navigates through the ups and downs of daily life, sliding seamlessly between introspective moments and triumphant anthems. Padre Tóxico’s hypnotic noir jazz beats serve as the perfect backdrop, painting a vivid picture of the city streets pulsating with energy and rhythm. From the chill vibes of the opening bars to the epic crescendo of the chorus, “Routine” is a neo-noir jazz rap treat for the ears.

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