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Nello Fernando – Portraits


Nello Fernando, also known as “Big Trip Dawg” or “Trippy #7,” is a Chicago-based artist currently residing in Portland, Oregon. As the founder of Wild Trip LLC in 2012, Nello takes pride in signing unique and “out of the box” creatives. His music style is psychedelic-based, promising to take listeners on a wild journey through soundscapes and emotions.

“Portraits” by Nello Fernando offers a raw and introspective glimpse into the artist’s psyche. With its aggressive mood and gritty lyricism, the track captivates listeners from the first beat. Nello’s delivery is impassioned and authentic, reflecting the emotional depth of his lyrical content.

The production, reminiscent of classic BoomBap, provides a solid foundation for Nello’s poignant storytelling. Each verse paints vivid “portraits” of personal struggles, triumphs, and reflections, inviting listeners to delve deeper into the artist’s narrative.

While the aggressive tone may not appeal to all listeners, those drawn to raw and unfiltered hip-hop will find “Portraits” to be a compelling addition to their playlists. Nello Fernando’s authenticity and willingness to explore the darker corners of the human experience make him a standout voice in today’s hip-hop landscape.

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