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OPTIK – Just People


In a digital age where artificial intelligence encroaches on creative domains, OPTIK and RYSTA stand as torchbearers for genuine human expression. Their latest single, “Just People,” released on June 28, 2024, by AudioPuzzle, is a powerful testament to the enduring relevance of authentic, human-made art.

“Just People” is a BoomBap and alternative hip-hop masterpiece that delves into the heart of human vulnerability and resilience. Lyrically impeccable, both OPTIK and RYSTA channel their raw emotions and personal experiences into a track that resonates deeply with listeners. This song is not just about resisting AI’s influence in music but celebrating the renaissance of real human art.

Fans of iconic hip-hop artists like Gang Starr, Aesop Rock, MF DOOM, Isaiah Rashad, and People Under The Stairs will find a familiar yet refreshing vibe in “Just People.” The track is moody, introspective, and brimming with the kind of lyrical prowess that demands attention.

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