Overzealous - KHALFANI - Folded Waffle Overzealous - KHALFANI - Folded Waffle

Overzealous – KHALFANI


KHALFANI. hails from Detroit, MI, and brings a unique blend of lyrical hip-hop and guitar sample instrumentals to the table. A Howard University graduate, KHALFANI. draws inspiration from hip-hop legends like Common and JAY-Z, as well as comedic genius Dave Chappelle and literary icon Maya Angelou.

“Overzealous” is a testament to KHALFANI.’s creative prowess and lyrical dexterity. With its energetic vibe and captivating guitar samples, the song immediately draws listeners in. KHALFANI.’s flow is both gritty and poetic, painting vivid pictures with his words. The track seamlessly blends introspective lyricism with infectious energy, creating a captivating listening experience from start to finish.

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