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P.T. & Profound79 – Life After Air (Album)


PT is back with his third album released on Gritty City Records, entitled LIFE AFTER AIR. This time, Profound79 takes care of the sonics by producing the project in its entirety. The producer gives the emcee a wide canvas to paint on that’s also catered and true to the artist’s roots as a native of Queens, New York. This newest effort combines the raw delivery and polished songwriting that makes PT such a unique and undeniable force and just so happens to perfectly complement Profound’s infectious and beautifully structured soundscapes.

Bandcamp: https://grittycityrecords.bandcamp.com/album/life-after-air
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=haxIFfbD7cI

written and performed by PT.
featuring BC Music 1st, Johnny Ciggs, and Reppa Ton.
produced by Profound79.
cuts by DJ Billy Nguyen and Swerve 36.
recorded and mixed by Johnny Ciggs.
mastered by Michael Millions.
artwork by Fan Ran.
layout by Robin Trevino.
2024 Gritty City Records.

#Profound79 #GrittyCityRecords

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