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“Perkys For The Pain” – OG Bobby Billions


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Perky’s For The Pain” by OG Bobby Billions is a contemporary R&B and Alternative/Indie R&B infusion that delves into epic, moody, and dark moods. With lyrics in English, this track presents a radio-friendly version available upon request. The artist’s profound storytelling and soulful melodies make this piece stand out, reflecting the unique “ghetto gospel” style that defines OG Bobby Billions’ musical identity.

OG Bobby Billions, a multifaceted artist hailing from the vibrant Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas, TX, is a rapper, producer, and songwriter. His signature deep, raspy voice serves as his artistic trademark, resonating through the streets of Texas and beyond. The debut album ‘Holy Goat,’ released on Easter 2020, has garnered attention from top media outlets like Elevator and SayCheeseTV. Bobby’s unique blend of vivid street tales and church-like choirs creates the distinctive “ghetto gospel” sound that permeates his work.

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