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Sky Eyes x Foodj Madrigal – Yesterday (VIDEO)

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In the heart of conscious hip-hop, emerges a transcendent piece titled “Yesterday,” crafted by the visionary French Creole American artist Sky Eyes, in collaboration with the illustrious producer Foodj Madrigal hailing from France. With poignant lyricism, Sky Eyes delves into the profound essence of time, encapsulating the fleeting nature of yesterday and the anticipation of tomorrow, yet emphasizing the paramount importance of embracing the present moment.

Against the backdrop of Foodj Madrigal’s soul-stirring production, Sky Eyes delivers verses that resonate with depth and introspection, advocating for personal growth, perseverance, and the pursuit of one’s dreams. Through poetic storytelling, Sky Eyes navigates themes of self-improvement, resilience, and the pursuit of truth, inviting listeners on a journey of introspection and empowerment. “Yesterday” stands as a testament to the transformative power of hip-hop, transcending borders and languages to touch the souls of listeners worldwide.


Sky Eyes, a seasoned artist with a creative vision that transcends boundaries, brings forth a unique blend of French Creole and American influences to the realm of conscious hip-hop. With a career spanning over seven years, Sky Eyes has honed their craft to deliver music that not only entertains but also enlightens and inspires. Collaborating with producers like Foodj Madrigal, Sky Eyes continues to push the boundaries of hip-hop, infusing each track with profound lyricism and thought-provoking themes. With “Yesterday,” Sky Eyes solidifies their position as a beacon of authenticity and creativity in the contemporary hip-hop landscape.

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    For future endeavors, it could be beneficial to explore even deeper layers within the thematic content. Perhaps incorporating more varied instrumentation or experimenting with different vocal delivery styles could add an extra dimension to Sky Eyes' already captivating sound. Additionally, considering the importance of accessibility in today's music landscape, further efforts to engage with listeners through interactive content or behind-the-scenes glimpses could strengthen the connection between artist and audience.
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