Marcus Rodriguez (@MarkMyWords) Professional copywriter and content strategist based in the heart of Austin, Texas. From startup hustles to Fortune 500 giants, I'm the wordsmith behind some of the most compelling brand narratives out there. I may specialize in SEO, but I also know how to strum a mean guitar. When I'm not crafting copy, you'll find me tapping my feet to the city's underground rap scene or soaking up the sun in the great outdoors.

Im the guy that created this platform for us all to utilize and share as a means of communication, networking and outlet of creativity. Words are my weapon, rhythm is my shield. With a pen in my hand and a message in my heart, I'm here to disrupt the status quo and ignite minds.

Olivia Knight (@LivInkwell) Freelance writer and editor based in the buzzing metropolis of London, where I'm always on the lookout for my next literary muse. My passion for publishing runs deep, which is why I've covered everything from Wu-Tang to travel guides. When I'm not typing away, I'm usually found exploring the city's vibrant art scene or experimenting with exotic spices in the kitchen.

Victoria Chen (@VicVerse) Freelance writer and blogger based in the City of Angels, where the sun shines bright and so does my passion for social justice. As a seasoned journalist, I use my voice to raise awareness on topics ranging from politics to human rights. When I'm not busy reporting, you can find me seeking solace in the nearby mountains or practicing mindfulness to stay centered.

Rachel Sinclair (@RaeWrites) Experienced freelance writer and editor based in the Emerald City of Seattle. I have a passion for storytelling and an eagle eye for detail, which is why my writing has graced the pages of both local newspapers and national magazines. When I'm not weaving words, you can find me trekking through the lush forests of the Pacific Northwest, perfecting my downward dog, or whipping up the next big thing in Seattle's foodie scene.

Alexander Davis (@LexPens) Brooklyn-based author and poet, bringing the gritty reality of the city to life through my words. Hip-hop is in my blood, and I infuse that energy into every verse. When I'm not spitting rhymes on the page, you can find me soaking up the vibes at urban cultural events, inspiring the next generation of writers through my workshops.