The Cheat Code to Connections


In this video, hosts Rashad Bilal and Troy Millings welcome special guests from Eastside Golf to discuss how golf has become a powerful tool for building connections in the business world. They explore the countless business deals that are negotiated on the golf course, highlighting how playing golf provides opportunities to network and establish valuable relationships.

Eastside Golf shares their personal experiences, emphasizing that invitations to play golf often lead to discussions about upcoming projects, partnerships, and ways to collaborate. They highlight how golfing with high-profile individuals allows for quality time with busy professionals, providing opportunities to deepen relationships and create business opportunities. Eastside Golf emphasizes that playing golf doesn’t necessarily require exceptional skills, but rather the ability to keep up with the pace of play.

The conversation then shifts to the future of golf. The hosts and guests discuss the emergence of top golf and the potential for hybrid, fast-paced versions of the sport. Eastside Golf mentions the Tomorrow Golf League, an upcoming arena-based golf experience that combines simulators with real shots and changes the shape and layout of the course each time. They also anticipate a loosening of the traditional golf dress code and a more relaxed atmosphere on the course.

The importance of an influential athlete in driving the popularity of golf is mentioned, with a special shout-out to Tiger Woods. Tiger’s emotion-filled playstyle, marked by fist pumps and excitement, resonated with a wider audience and raised the profile of the sport. His impact paved the way for a shift in the mindset and perception of golf.

The video also touches on Eastside Golf’s participation in Invest Fest, an event focused on culture, business, and financial literacy. The guests express their gratitude for being included and how speaking on the Fidelity stage provided an empowering opportunity to share their perspectives and experiences. They highlight the diverse audience and the importance of offering guidance and a different way of thinking to those seeking inspiration and growth.

Join the conversation and discover the power of golf in forging connections, creating opportunities, and building relationships. Learn about the changing landscape of the sport and the role it plays in business and personal development. Don’t miss out on this insightful discussion with Eastside Golf.

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