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The Significance of Sponsoring HBCU Golf Programs


In this video, Troy Millings sits down with the founders of Eastside Golf to discuss their remarkable journey, the impact of HBCU golf programs, and the importance of endowments. Eastside Golf, a brand that blends golf culture and streetwear, started as a way for the founders to sponsor themselves in their pursuit of turning pro. The docuseries, titled “Grails,” showcases their evolution from creating a logo to collaborating with Nike and showcases their relentless determination to succeed.

Throughout the conversation, Eastside Golf emphasizes the significance of supporting HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) golf programs. These programs have often struggled to receive substantial funding and resources, hindering their development and competitiveness. However, with the recent initiatives by influential figures like Steph Curry at Howard University and Dion Sanders at Jackson State University, there is hope for these programs to flourish.

During the interview, Eastside Golf highlights their personal connection to HBCUs, as they met at Morehouse College. They emphasize the transformative power of golf, not just as a sport but as a tool to connect college students with influential individuals from various fields. Through golf, students can broaden their networks, interact with entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, and other professionals, potentially opening doors for future career opportunities.

The guests discuss the financial challenges faced by HBCU golf programs. The annual budget for these programs includes expenses such as travel, scholarships, uniforms, equipment, golf course fees, and coaching staff salaries. Though the budgets may not be as substantial as those of larger institutions, even a couple of hundred thousand dollars can go a long way for an HBCU program. The conversation sheds light on the need for endowments and the importance of alumni and boosters giving back to their alma maters.

Through the docuseries and their work, Eastside Golf hopes to inspire others to support HBCU golf programs and help them thrive. They envision a future where HBCU programs like Jackson State and Howard University become powerhouses in the golfing world, nurturing talented golfers and providing opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Join us as we delve into the fascinating journey of Eastside Golf, their collaboration with Nike, and their mission to support HBCU golf programs. Discover how their story is changing the perception of golf, making it more inclusive, diverse, and captivating for a wider audience. Don’t miss this enlightening discussion filled with insights, inspiration, and a call to action to empower HBCU golf programs through endowments.

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