Tyte x C Stunna x SpliffJit "Whole 9" - Folded Waffle Tyte x C Stunna x SpliffJit "Whole 9" - Folded Waffle

Tyte x C Stunna x SpliffJit “Whole 9”

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Rising hip-hop artist TYTE, known for his transformative music and powerful flow, has released his latest single “Whole 9.” The track, featuring collaborations with SpliffJit and C Stunna, pays homage to TYTE’s tumultuous upbringing that shaped him into the artist he is today. Released under the Slip N Slide Records label, TYTE’s unique voice and commanding presence have captivated listeners in the vibrant Florida rap scene.

About TYTE: TYTE, born Jeffrey Williams in Tallahassee, Florida, has established himself as an alchemist of hip-hop. Through his music, he not only turns his adversities into gold but also engages his audience with his no-nonsense and effortless delivery. With hits like “Ask Around” and “FYP,” TYTE’s distinctive voice resonates in the TikTok era, offering a refreshing return to raw and hardcore hip-hop. His upbringing and real-life experiences contribute to the authenticity and power of his lyrics.

The Song “Whole 9”: “Whole 9” is a first-person perspective track that delves deep into TYTE’s journey. The song immerses listeners in the slang, ambitions, and flexes that have shaped his outlook on life. Collaborators SpliffJit and C Stunna add their own fire verses to the classic bass-heavy beat produced by Ethan “Walk” Jason Walker. “Whole 9” serves as a nostalgic throwback to the retro hip-hop era, showcasing TYTE’s versatile style.

The Music Video: Accompanying the release is a captivating music video directed by Counterpoint 2.0. The video takes on the form of a short film, following TYTE and his crew on a heist. With a clear vision and determination to succeed in music, TYTE metaphorically portrays his pursuit by holding up a jewelry store. SpliffJit and C Stunna make appearances, enhancing the visual experience as they dominate the Florida rap scene. Join TYTE in this thrilling “heist” of Florida’s rap game by watching the “Whole 9” music video.


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