"Wax Poetic" - Khamari - Folded Waffle "Wax Poetic" - Khamari - Folded Waffle

“Wax Poetic” – Khamari


Khamari, hailing from the vibrant Dorchester neighborhood of Boston, MA, is an artist whose musical essence intertwines powerfully earnest songwriting with contemporary sonics. Proficient as a vocalist and musician, Khamari’s musical tapestry draws inspiration from a broad spectrum, including The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Sly Stone, Frank Ocean, Kid Cudi, and Mac Miller. Following the warm critical reception of his debut EP “Eldorado,” Khamari took a deliberate hiatus, returning with soul-stirring singles like “Doctor, My Eyes,” “Drifting,” and “Tell Me.” These releases mark the bridge to Khamari’s next thrilling chapter in music.
“Wax Poetic” by Khamari, released under RCA Records Label, is a mesmerizing journey into alternative hip-hop, seamlessly blended with elements of Neo-Soul and Alternative/Indie R&B. The song, unveiled on May 26, 2023, captures Khamari’s signature style, fusing timeless musicality with contemporary flair. The track invites listeners to delve into Khamari’s world, where heartfelt storytelling meets innovative soundscapes.

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