"Whispers of a Jazz Club" - Classik, Padre Tóxico - Folded Waffle "Whispers of a Jazz Club" - Classik, Padre Tóxico - Folded Waffle

“Whispers of a Jazz Club” – Classik, Padre Tóxico


Classik’s “Whispers of a Jazz Club” takes listeners on a captivating journey through a turbulent night in western Canada. The artist recounts facing bigotry at multiple venues, finding solace and unity at a Jazz Club. The infectious jazz samples crafted by producer Padre Tóxico add a fun and upbeat feel to the track, creating a unique blend of Hip-Hop, Conscious Hip-Hop, BoomBap, and Alternative Hip-Hop. Classik’s storytelling prowess shines through, painting a vivid picture that resonates with the energetic, happy, and chill moods of the song. Drawing inspiration from artists like Awon, Kid Abstrakt, Summers Sons, and Ill Conscious, “Whispers of a Jazz Club” stands as a testament to Classik’s ability to infuse profound narratives into his music.

Classik, also known as Charles Monterroza, is a highly acclaimed recording artist, songwriter, and record producer hailing from Toronto, Canada. With a discography boasting over 40 projects, Classik is renowned for his soul-stirring lyrics, infectious hooks, and beats that leave listeners hitting the replay button. Born as the son of refugees who escaped the Salvadoran Civil War, Classik’s roots are steeped in resilience and hope. His music, influenced by hip-hop’s golden age, serves as a powerful voice, expressing emotions that words fail to capture. Collaborating with jazz rap luminaries like Karmawin, CrazyJaZz, Shin-Ski, and other notable talents, Classik’s work reflects the authenticity, challenges, and victories of the collective human experience.

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