Yaya Bey – ‘the evidence’ (Official Video)


‘the evidence’, out now on Big Dada: https://yaya-bey.lnk.to/evidenceYo
Subscribe: https://found.ee/yayabey-ys

Co-Director: Chassidy David and Yaya Bey
Producer: EJ and Yaya Bey
Director of Photography: Jeffrey Clanet
Steadicam Operator: Giacomo Belletti
Camera Assistant: Maddie Rivera
Camera PA: Danny Schmidt
Editor: Sammy Pisano and Yaya Bey
Choreographer: Alexandria Johnson and Yaya Bey
Dancer 1: Alexandria Johnson
Dancer 2: Jenee Randolph
Wardrobe Stylist: Donovan McClenton
Makeup Artist: Ryo Kuramoto
Hair Stylist: Brittany Gay-Taplin
Coloring: Marlange Piard
Set Assistant: Alexis Franklin
Photography: Nikita Freyermuth

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