ExZac Change “The Trick”


ExZac Change, the Washington state-based independent hip-hop artist, has just dropped his latest single, “The Trick.” With this track, ExZac delivers a powerful message of perseverance and dedication to one’s craft. Combining his lyrical abilities and creative songwriting, ExZac showcases his unique style, making a lasting impact on listeners.

Song Details: “The Trick” is an old-school hip-hop anthem with a conscious hip-hop and boom bap influence. The lyrics, crafted in English, convey the importance of putting in the hours and effort to achieve greatness. ExZac’s motivational lyrics inspire listeners to never give up on their passions and relentlessly pursue their dreams.

Folded Waffle Review: Recently approved on Folded Waffle’s platform, “The Trick” received an impressive rating in various categories. The song’s originality, lyrical content, production quality, and delivery were all praised, accumulating a total score of 43 out of 50. The review commended ExZac’s craftsmanship and suggested exploring deeper emotional connections and unique instrumental elements for future work.

Influences and Similar Artists: ExZac Change draws inspiration from the realm of old-school hip-hop. His music resonates with fans of The Palmer Squares, J.Lately, Sam Lachow, Locksmith, and The Grouch. These artists share a similar style and are known for their artistic authenticity and thought-provoking lyricism.

Artist Background: Zac Hawkins, known by his stage name ExZac Change, made his debut in 2012 with the collaboration project “The Hook Up.” This project, recorded in a bedroom closet alongside Spokane-based MC Iyzlow Matisse, showcased ExZac’s lyrical abilities and creative songwriting. Since then, he has performed at various venues in Spokane and released projects like “Vistas” in 2015 and “The Escape Plan” in 2016. With messages of positivity and encouragement, ExZac Change continues to inspire and create impactful music.


Waffle Reviews

  • Originality8
  • Lyrical Content8
  • Production Quality8
  • Delivery9
  • Message10
  • 8.6


     "The Trick" by ExZac Change is a must-listen for hip-hop enthusiasts seeking motivation and a reminder to stay dedicated to their craft. Through his powerful lyrics and engaging style, ExZac delivers an unforgettable message that resonates with listeners. Keep an eye out for ExZac's upcoming third album, a collaboration with Iyzlow Matisse, which promises to deliver more positivity and inspiration. anship. The nuances in the composition and arrangement are impressive. To stand out even more, consider exploring deeper emotional connections or experimenting with unique instrumental elements. This could elevate the work to a new level.
User Rating: 3.2 ( 1 Votes )

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