pH-1 — “360o” (Feat. CHIKA) (Official Audio)


pH-1 —the beloved Korean-American star— connects with Grammy-nominated hip-hop artist, CHIKA, to release their single “360°.” One of the standout tracks from pH-1’s new mixtape, POP OFF, “360°” highlights the creative chemistry between the duo as they reflect on finding someone who sticks by your side, even at your lowest. Out today via H1GHR MUSIC, pH-1’s new 6-track project features a globally, diverse line-up, including Thai’s biggest breakout star MILLI on the lead single, “ROSETTA,” Filipino-Bay Area hitmaker P-Lo, Korean songstress DeVita, and rising Korean rapper oygli. POP OFF stems from pH-1 spending the first half of 2023 headlining his world tour, ABOUT DAMN TIME, and it’s entirely produced by his deejay, Spray. The project continues unveiling a less than pristine side of pH-1, as explored in his sophomore album, BUT FOR NOW LEAVE ME ALONE, released last December. “I literally want to ‘pop off’ and just say whatever I want to without worrying about what others might think,” pH-1 shared. “I think most people view me as this gentle, soft, nerdy guy who makes easy-listening songs — which I’m not. That’s why I always make sure to release mixtapes, such as POP OFF, to let them know that I’m not entirely who they think I am, sound and personality-wise. The goal of this EP was to forget all the serious stuff and just have fun.” pH-1 brings this defiant energy in the “ROSETTA” music video, turning up the streets of Bangkok with the city’s heroine, MILLI.


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  • Originality6
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    In future tracks, consider exploring even deeper into the nuances of delivery to add an extra layer of dynamism to your collaborative efforts. The foundation is solid, and a slight tweak in production could further elevate the resonance of the music.pH-1 —one of the biggest names in Korea’s hip-hop scene— does not hold back on POP OFF.
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