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Earn Your Leisure's Backstory: How We Got Started


In this episode, Rashad Bilal and Troy Millings, co-founders of the Earn Your Leisure platform, sit down with former NBA player Evan Turner to discuss the organic growth of their brand and platform. From starting as a financial advisor and teacher, respectively, the duo took a unique approach to educating young people about financial literacy. They saw an opportunity to use social media to reach a wider audience and built their brand from the ground up.

With a vision to empower young individuals with essential financial knowledge, Rashad and Troy leveraged their expertise and passion to create a program focused on teaching kids about money and college decisions. The EYL founders recognized the potential of social media as a tool for reaching and impacting a larger audience. They utilized content creation and social media platforms to break the stereotype of financial education being a foreign language. By using relatable and engaging content, they were able to connect with their audience and bring financial education to the forefront in their own unique way.

Rashad Bilal shares his experience of recognizing the power of social media early on. He explains the pivotal role of Instagram and its potential for reaching a wide audience through organic advertising. This insight led to the creation of a fashion blog with the intention of capitalizing on the emerging influence of social media. Although the fashion blog did not reach the desired heights, it instilled the idea of leveraging social media for business purposes.

Furthermore, Rashad’s aspiration to become a celebrity financial advisor emphasized the shift in the dynamics of celebrity status in the digital age. His approach, centered around recording and documenting everything, underscores the importance of organic and relatable content creation. This strategy, coupled with cultivating relationships and leveraging opportunities such as the public access show, contributed to the growth and evolution of the EYL brand.

Throughout the episode, the discussion delves into the early stages of EYL, the approach towards content creation, and the strategic use of social media to build a brand with a loyal following. Rashad and Troy’s journey from the classroom to a global platform exemplifies the power of purposeful content creation and the organic growth of a brand.

As an inspiring and insightful conversation, this episode encapsulates the essence of building a brand rooted in purpose and the immense potential of leveraging social media and content creation for impactful storytelling. Join the EYL team as they share their experience and expertise in navigating the world of branding, content creation, and social media in this illuminating episode.

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