Dax – “LIFE” / “To Be A Man” Remix (Feat. Darius Rucker) (Official Music Videos)


About Dax

Dax, a Canadian artist whose real name is Daniel Nwosu Jr., is not your typical rapper. Beyond the beats and rhymes, he’s a poet, motivational speaker, and a visual storyteller. His journey into the music industry started on YouTube, where he gained attention through emotionally charged spoken word pieces. Over time, Dax transitioned into creating rap music, and his unique blend of powerful lyrics and motivational messages has garnered him a dedicated fan base.



About the Song: “LIFE”

LIFE” is more than just a song; it’s an anthem for those facing the challenges of life head-on. Dax’s uplifting message revolves around seizing the moment and attacking each day with faith and determination. The lyrics delve into the struggles of life, the battles with depression, and the importance of appreciating every moment. The official music video, shot by Logan Meis and produced by Lex Nour Beats, adds a visually compelling layer to the profound narrative.

Dax’s commitment to authenticity shines through in “LIFE.” He openly shares his vulnerabilities, creating a connection with listeners who may be grappling with similar issues. The song is a testament to his belief in the transformative power of music and its ability to uplift those who feel the weight of the world.

“LIFE” Song Review

Dax’sLIFE” has earned a remarkable total score of 41/50, placing it in the Main Course tier. The track excels in originality, lyrical content, production quality, delivery, and the impactful message it conveys. Dax’s authenticity resonates, making “LIFE” a standout addition to his discography.

In the world of Dax, improvement is not about changing the essence but about evolving while staying true to his core message. Future releases could explore different sonic landscapes, offering a variety of musical experiences while maintaining the lyrical depth that Dax is known for. Fine-tuning the production to enhance clarity and balance would further elevate the overall impact and resonance of his music.

LIFE” is more than a song; it’s a call to action, an anthem encouraging listeners to live authentically, embrace each moment, and conquer life’s challenges. Dax’s faith, motivation, and positive outlook permeate every lyric, creating a musical experience that goes beyond entertainment, leaving a lasting impact on those who tune in.


Dax’s rise to prominence is marked by his authenticity and commitment to making a positive impact. With a background in basketball and a brief stint in the corporate world, Dax brings a diverse set of experiences into his art. His music is not just about entertainment; it’s a reflection of his life, struggles, triumphs, and an unwavering belief in the power of resilience.



About the Song: “To Be A Man”

To Be A Man” isn’t just a song; it’s a deeply resonant exploration of the nuances of masculinity. Dax’s collaboration with Darius Rucker enriches the narrative, creating an emotional landscape that reflects the challenges and triumphs of being a man. The lyrics delve into the expectations, sacrifices, and internal struggles that accompany the journey of masculinity. The official video, filmed in Nashville, adds a visual layer, amplifying the emotional impact of the song.

The remix encapsulates not only a musical endeavor but a testament to the journey of manhood. Dax’s raw and authentic delivery, coupled with Darius Rucker’s legendary touch, crafts an experience that transcends the boundaries of traditional hip-hop. The fusion of their distinct styles creates a harmonious blend, making “To Be A Man” a standout in the contemporary music landscape.

The official video serves as a visual companion to the emotional narrative. Shot in Nashville, the video captures the essence of the song, bringing to life the struggles and triumphs portrayed in the lyrics. Dax’s storytelling prowess is elevated by the poignant visuals, offering the audience a complete and immersive experience.

“To Be A Man” Song Review

The remix of “To Be A Man” stands as a powerful musical piece, yet there’s always room for refinement. Consider exploring additional sonic elements in future compositions to further elevate the emotional impact and resonance of your music. The collaboration with Darius Rucker is commendable, and continued efforts to spark meaningful conversations through your art are highly appreciated.

In summary, Dax’s latest release, the remix of “To Be A Man” featuring Darius Rucker, is more than just a song; it’s a profound reflection on the complexities of masculinity. The official video, shot in Nashville, adds a visual dimension to the narrative, creating an immersive experience for the audience. Dax continues to use his platform to spark important conversations and make an impact with his music for the people.

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