“Glory in the Weight” – Tab-one


“Glory in the Weight” is a sonic pilgrimage, inviting listeners to navigate the landscape of life’s challenges. Through Tab-One’s poignant verses, the song explores the notion that it’s in bearing the heaviest loads that we find the true essence of our existence. It’s a reminder that growth often sprouts from adversity.

Lyricism as a Beacon of Wisdom

Each line of “Glory in the Weight” serves as a beacon of wisdom, illuminating the path of introspection. Tab-One’s mastery of language transforms the mundane into the profound, inviting listeners to reflect on their own journeys. It’s a lyrical tapestry woven with threads of insight and introspection.

A Serenade of Beats and Verse

The beats that cradle Tab-One’s verses are more than mere accompaniments; they are the heartbeat of the song. The fusion of soulful melodies with Tab-One’s lyrical prowess creates a sonic experience that resonates with the soul. It’s a testament to the power of music as a vessel for profound reflection.

From the Heart of North Carolina

Tab-One’s roots in North Carolina run deep, and it’s in this fertile soil that his artistry blossomed. His work with Kooley High is a testament to his ability to craft music that transcends boundaries. Over a decade of dedication to his craft has solidified Tab-One as a luminary in the North Carolina hip-hop scene.

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