“Gorgo” – Swamp Thing, Danny Miles, Ghettosocks


Toronto’s three-headed rap monster, Swamp Thing (Timbuktu, Chokeules, & Savilion), have a ritual of delivering dark, b-movie inspired, heavy duty thunderclaps every Halloween. Their newest release titled “Noise Machine”, marks the eleventh consecutive year of Halloween releases.

“Gorgo” is the second single from the album ‘Golden Crab’, now available via URBNET. The track, produced by Danny Miles, delivers a captivating blend of BoomBap and Alternative Hip-Hop. With a stellar feature from Ghettosocks, the song showcases the collaborative prowess of the artists involved.

Waffle Reviews

  • Originality6
  • Lyrical Content7
  • Production Quality8
  • Delivery7
  • Message6
  • 6.8


    In future tracks, consider exploring even deeper into the nuances of delivery to add an extra layer of dynamism to your collaborative efforts. The foundation is solid, and a slight tweak in production could further elevate the resonance of the music.
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